Empowering Educators Workshop

For educators looking for insights, techniques, and support in order to provide long-term, positive results for their students or children in their care.  Here’s what’s included:

Small group workshops

Within 4 hours you'll learn what you need to know to better help your students or children in your care.

Undertsand brain development

Learn about brain development, what is a ‘functional disconnection syndrome’ and why kids often have learning and behavioural difficulties.

Learn how to build 'healthy brains'

Learn how you can help the children and families in your care to “Build healthy Brains’

Develop a BFK program for your situation

Learn how to develop a Brainfit Kids program to use in your kinder, school or play-space!

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Disclaimer: Improvement outcomes will vary depending on, but not limited to, the parents’ commitment to ensure home based care is being completed as prescribed as well as the complexity of the child’s situation and needs. Some children may be better suited to 1 on 1 individualised program only when extra special care and attention may be needed.