What is Brainfit Kids?

Optimising children's lives with their minds and bodies

In a nutshell, Brainfit Kids is our proprietary program that uses leading edge digital therapeutics and brain-based exercises to optimise movement, learning and social skills in children.

Brainfit Kids uses a brain-based approach to improve brain connectivity. Leading edge digital therapeutics such as the Neurosage (SNA Biotech), interactive metronome and Neurosolutions laser are just some of the ways we work to improve your child’s “whole’ brain functioning. 

Both in clinic and home care exercises are based on Melillo Method and are an essential part of helping your child achieve optimal results.

Please also see our therapies page for more information.


Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice.
Please contact a medical professional or other healthcare provider if you are seeking medical advice, diagnoses or treatment.

Possible long-term benefits

Your child before our program...

Your Child after our program...

NDIS self-managed funds may be used if plan managed please check with your NDIS program manager

Disclaimer: Improvement outcomes will vary depending on, but not limited to, the parents’ commitment to ensure home based care is being completed as prescribed as well as the complexity of the child’s situation and needs. Some children may be better suited to 1 on 1 individualised program only when extra special care and attention may be needed.

Brainfit Kids Mission Statement:

Brainfit Kids’ mission is to support children and families in our community
who are struggling with neurodevelopmental challenges. 

We are here to help you understand the brain’s role in health and to support your child
to achieve optimal brain function so they can fully engage in their lives.