What parents are saying...

My son started seeing Michelle 18 months ago for both clinic visits and the Brainfit Kids program, to help with coordination, balance, strength and body awareness. The program has been fabulous, and has helped tremendously in each of these areas, with a positive flow on effect in behaviour. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this program, which I feel is so needed and valuable. Michelle has been everything you would want in a health professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, warm and genuinely interested in making a positive difference...
Cara W.
Brainfit Kids is a fantastic program! Michelle's approach is both informative and fun. She works closely with families to provide meaningful advice and strategies that address your child's individual needs. We have seen some great improvements in our child and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this program to others.
Carolyn P.
Brainfit Kids has been enormous in aiding with overcoming some developmental hurdles my daughter was confronted with. The work undertaken has resulted in various primitive reflexes switching off enabling other areas of the brain to develop and assist with better concentration, speech, movement and confidence. Regularly I would find myself quite amazed at how incredible this work is. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Nicholas B.
I would highly recommend Michelle. Michelle has helped our son Thomas with his body awareness, balance, anxiety, learning and improving his confidence. Thomas is now able to deal with everyday tasks like shopping trips, pre-school, noises, independent sport activities, following direction and experiencing new places. I would recommend Michelle for any child with sensory or learning difficulties.
Maryanne S.
Eltham, Victoria
My daughter has been successfully using the Brainfit Kids program for two years. She was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. The Brainfit Kids program has brought definitive positive changes to her mood, her emotional regulation, her social engagement and her focus and concentration. She feels empowered to engage with the exercise program designed for her and recognises the positive impact in her daily life. Thank- you Dr Michelle for the information, website and consistent support, you have empowered us as parents when we were feeling at our most vulnerable.
Parents JH and CW
I started seeing Michelle last year for my son who had been diagnosed with ADHD. We have seen great improvements in balance, co-ordination and overall body awareness. This has resulted in an increase in his confidence and overall wellbeing. We have also noticed that he is less anxious and is able to articulate and controls his emotions. We have been so happy with Michelle’s approach and treatment we have also started treatment with our daughter.
I went to see Michelle when my son was 17 months old and still crawling - not walking independently. Once working with Michelle he was up and walking in a short space of time! The practice is incredibly child friendly - my son could be his usual full of life self without me feeling the need to have to restrain him. From receptionists to doctors they just love kids and allow kids to be kids. I believe Michelle genuinely wants the best outcome for all children and has the knowledge and skill set to achieve that when working with your child.
Bentleigh, Victoria
I consider myself to be exceptionally lucky to have found Michelle Scholten who worked with my son. We first went to Michelle when my son was only 2 months old and suffering from severe silent reflux. She is a true professional who is very knowledgeable in all aspects of a child's development as well as having a natural love for children. My son instantly bonded with Michelle and I trusted her explicitly. She explained everything that she was working on in detail and why she was doing it. My son's time with her was a positive experience - pain free with beneficial results. She could answer any of my questions and always had a range of ideas on how to help Luca at home in his development as well. I not only saw an improvement with the pain of reflux but she worked on aligning his body as he couldn't turn his head to one side fully. Something I didn't pick up on myself. Michelle also noticed that one side of the back of Luca’s head was quite flat. After a few sessions Michelle managed to improve it and soon he would turn his head both ways normally and the flat spot also disappeared.
Cindy S.
Doncaster East, Victoria
I would highly recommend Michelle. Michelle has helped our son Thomas with his body awareness, balance, anxiety, learning and improving his confidence. Thomas is now able to deal with everyday tasks like shopping trips, pre-school, noises, independent sport activities, following direction and experiencing new places. I would recommend Michelle for any child with sensory or learning difficulties
Mary Anne

What educators are saying...

...I have been working with Dr Michelle Scholten using the Brainfit Kids program for two years with a group of preschool children in the 10 week program. I have observed the positive impact on children with learning difficulties and ASD; less meltdowns, more engaged in their learning environment, improved behaviour, more consistent focus and concentration. Families have also reported improved behaviour and engagement at home. Targeting retained primitive reflexes and the prescriptive exercise program impacts children's brain connectivity using hemispheric integration. Thank you Dr Michelle Scholten your program optimised outcomes for children and supports families in high need. It has also given me as educator the capacity to build my knowledge, skills, and pedagogical practice to engage children using inclusive practice and support families in need. The ongoing research and positive learning and development outcomes are a positive step for children with developmental delays and learning difficulties.
Jacqui Harley
Early Childhood Educator (26 years’ experience)
...I have worked with Michelle from the perspective of a preschool teacher and as a parent. As a preschool teacher Michelle presented professional training to staff and information sessions to parents. Both of these sessions were extremely informative, giving both staff and parents information on how to develop healthy brains in children and what it means to have a healthy brain. As a parent, Michelle has assisted my own child tremendously. The improvements that have been achieved have been far-reaching and we have generally seen a happier and more content teenager. I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle to both parents and educators alike. The results speak for themselves... Many of my children have been attendees of Michelle's Brainfit Kids I on 1 Program. Myself, along with the other educators in the room, and the children's parents have seen a marked improvement in many school readiness areas of the children attending. These improvements have included but were not limited to attention and focus, fine motor and gross motor skills, general communication skills and executive functioning. It was fascinating to learn how the different parts of the brain work and the practical things that educators can do easily without any equipment to help develop a healthy brain...
Keryn Johnson
Bachelor Ed. (Primary) and Grad. Dip. (Early Childhood) Educational Leader, Nominated Supervisor, Director and Approved Provider
...As an educator, I keep encountering children who are spending less and less time outdoors due to our increasingly busy lifestyles. Our children come to early years education generally with underdeveloped gross motor skills making it very difficult for them to be taught the fine motor skills necessary to be school ready. As a recent Early Childhood graduate, I was not taught the importance of proficient gross motor skills and the links to emotional regulation and behavior, learning, co-ordination and the development of fine motor skills. This information I have learnt through attending the Brainfit parent/educator presentations and implementing exercises and strategies within the classroom setting. I have experienced the transformation of children that have gone through the program go from resisting fine motor activities such as drawing and writing to be then confident and comfortable to choose these activities willingly. I have watched different children, mature and be able to recognize and regulate emotions in a productive way needed in a school environment. The program is very effective as it empowers parents and educators to work together on shared goals for their children and give educators the tools to identify and help children in their programming.
Early Childhood Educator

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